Mobile update

Had a long time didn't update my blog, because too lazy. Ahahaha! This is my breakfast for today, little tomatoes. For better skin n can make u pretty n healthy. XD is trying to post an update through my phone...


Hooray! another end of the semester wic means tat another stressful exam has juz ended as well…

I m thinking n thinking… wat topic I should post neh? Since I didn’t join anything in tis sem.. but almost d end of d semester, I joined a international project wic is “WCOA2010 [world congress of accountants 2010]”!!!

Actually I work as a guard or can be considered as guide gua… even d job is easy but damn tired becoz stand for whole day!!!

I get a free pendrive from ICAEW… ahaha…

Tis is d oni project I joined… ok~ end


Juz hv my FOC trip at Pulau Tioman last 3days~ hehe last Friday i went to tioman wif d gang of 9th college'mates~ =)
tis my 1st time travel to island... erm... not reli like, becoz i hate jungle... but d water vry clear until can c those little fish swimming thr... XD
my leg n d sea
me n d nice view [nice meh?]
ready to go snookering!!! XD [KC n Me]

snookering so geli but nice~ (fish fish dun near me.... @.@)
blur~ becoz d speed boat is reli speed man!!! [edward, rocky n me]
last day (hv my last breakfast at tioman)
bye bye tioman~


yes, is my birthday [18/08]~ luckily my housemates still willing to celebrate my birthday wif me~ i tot will vry cham tis year~ T.T normally, when my birthday is coming, tat week will b d public holiday~ but this year d public holday has been changed to September liao~ if not, they all will going back their hometown rather to celebrate wif me lo!

Before my birthday, my choir seniors have oledi celebrated me n Mian Yi (d 1st at d right hand side) birthday~ XD erm on 15/08 at TGI Friday [mian yi birthday is on 12/08]. Last year also celebrated here but with different people~ ;p
from left (Jeniffe, Ray, Eng Siong, Xiao Tan, Me lo and Mian Yi). n v get 2 pieces of chocolate cake for free~~
Still d same, d waiter asked us to stand on d chair but tis year got mian yi accompany me~ XD v been asked to dance (omg! ugly dance!)

After tat, is time to blow~ but tis time was very easy~ oni few second d candle was quench~ XD (mian yi, ur face expression was reli good, gv u 10 star)
Tats a funny thing happened on my birthday~ i forgot i have blocked d setting to allow ppl to post comment on my wall post~ ahahaha!!! when i 1st access to facebook through my phone, i saw no1 wished me on my facebook... (was reli sad, T.T) but is actually i forgot to enable d setting~ XXXDDD sori la all my friends~
Therefore, d oni way they wish me is comment on my status~ (but found tat i can sekali gus thankx to all d wishes, so convenience~ hahaha)

But some of my frens wished me through facebook msg~ i was curious before, y they wish me through facebook msg but dun choose to post on my wall directly leh? now i know~
Abang Soo was tagged me on a post becoz he oso cant post d birthday wishs on my wall.. sori, i can not change d setting through my handphone~ T.T

finally, around 12pm i enable d setting~ luckily still got friends willing to wish me~

This is d oni present i get for in 22th birthday~ by my housemate (is like tat geh la, old liao, oni can get this kind of present) ThankQ~ so cute (erm... actually...)

Wong Kok Wong Kok... Last year was oso celebrated at wong kok~ aiks~

Yeah, tis my birthday cake~ so unbelievable~ i tot my stingy housemates wont buy a cake for me~ XXXDDD
d hand writting was reli ugly~ but d cake taste good la~

d purpose v go wong kok is bcoz of tis free big milk tea lo~

I ordered a "cha siew" mee, my mother was calling me n asked me to eat mee 2day~ now juz i know have to eat mee on birthday~ ;p

After finished all d foods, my abnormal housemates keep SS'ing at wong kok~ i think all d ppl there will feel disturbing becoz of their sound... (especially kok yoong n shin yi lo, can pls dun speak too loud?)
Here are all d guys~ (see, i m d most normal 1) XXDDD

Suddenly, a person come n said she is d present for my birthday~ oh nonono! i dun wan~ (she is our accounting senior pui man) haha kidding la~ she ngam ngam have dinner wif friends at wong kok~ so, xun bian wish me lo~

ok, tats all for my 22th birthday~ d name of 7799 residence is oni for ss purpose~ becoz our house address is jalan77 no.99... (still got 2 persons din come, who r oili n mich, heng! angry u)
thankQ all my frens
(including oili n mich la, hehe...)


Just now i hv done a test on, n d result shows that i am an introverted person. Means i'm a passive guy and like to hide many things inside. can be described as weirdo~
(sori i'm tat kind of person)

i like to keep this kind of photo as my collection since my sleeping photo been taken by my friend long time ago when i was sleeping in class~ ahahaha

Normal sleeping mode

Shin Yi

(pls dun sleep in tutorial)

Ping Wei

(pls dun sleep in choir practice)

Chin Yui Chai

(pls dun sleep in lecture)

Open Mouth Version

Jia Qi

Cai Li

Lu Kean


Edward Thun

Kean leng
Almost all d photos are open mouth version, i think tis is d most popular pose tat ppl will do when they are falling in sleep...

Double Chin Version

Ying Choon

Su Yi

Double chin version is my Golden Collection, vry hard to get it man!

Dead Head Version

Kok Yoong


Guess who is her~ kekeke
(from these 3 photos, kok yoong is d most likely in death mode)

Ops! sori~ i forgot to turn off my flash...

Happy smile~
(this is not a sleeping picture, but her rarely big teeth make me feel...)
Sori to all my friends, coursemate, housemate, roomates, juniors n seniors... becoz now i juz posted it out~ i should do it earlier~ XXXDDDD


my holiday has ended almost 1 month oledi, but i juz update my blog 2day is becoz d inefficiency of d TM! my housemate has applied streamyx in d middle of june, but they came n install yesterday! #$%^
Everytime i went back my hometown, i will think through sumthing. Tats gud to make me clear-headed tat wat i want originally. some1 told me before, "u hv to identify what is ur priority, then u will found which way to go". ( tat person who told me is not important i think, XD) after i thinking thinking n thinking, i decided to rank like this "career, family, friends, love". before that, i was putting tat thing at d 1st place. but after my deeply thought, career is d most important things in my life.

i feel tat i'm going back to d 1 when i was in 2ndary school (Lazy, go cyber play online game, active in co-cum) after i get my 4th sem result. Oh god! tats wat i have expected, my result is rolling down, no any fluctuation even. From 3.83, 3,52, 3.46 and lastest is 3.33. i'm so regret, i left so many chances to get an A in some subject. reli wanna slap myself hundred times.

In my holiday, i look back those my useless trophy. Eventhough these all get in my school, no1 is from interschool or national, its meaningful for me. i was start to crazily grab as many trophy as i can when i was in form 4 and form 5. Because i wan to get into university.

At d same time, my academic was keep improving. when i was in "peralihan", i was in class D (d most lower 1). when i going to form 1, i tot can get a better class. But i have been assigned to class E (i'm a stupid boi T.T). But when i was in form 2, been promoted to class D. I know tis not pround at all. i was thinking, even i get no.10 or 20 or last in class D, i oso dun wan to get no.1 in class E.

for example,

XXX: hey, ah bong! u get number 1 in ur class! wat is ur average ar???
Stupid me: ngam ngam pass, 50+++
XXX: ......

Luckily, after my PMR, i get class B. At tat time, my maths become super duper "geng"! even d 1st paper of add maths i oso get 97. Class A no 1 get higher than 80. XXXDDD But, at tat particular period, i was realised sumthing vry important n it has changed my attitude. People shouldnt too pride, if not u wont get wat u wan. (en, yes! reli) at tat time, many teachers were disliking me espeacially my add maths teacher n oso my tuition teacher. Haiz.... in my test2, i get d retribution. my normal maths was drop, but luckily my add maths still keeping d highest. XD

But when i was in form 4, my result still ma ma dei only. ( still keeping tat kind of result, "ngam ngam pass!") Becoz, i was joining actively in PBSM. i like PBSM so much, becoz it changed me from passiveness to activeness. i like to be in a team, i like to be a leader and got d intention to lead in a team n i got d ambition to get d president seat. (but lastly, i'm oni a vice president) after tat, i dun like to grab any leader place or seat, becoz lazy to do this kind of things oledi.
get from my friendster account, i was d chairman of 8th Unit Camp (kekeke~~~)

But after my busy form4, i became focusing in study. My Kimia result has just past once when i was form 4, but only failed once when i was in form 5. XXDDDD finally, i get no.1 in my class in my final report card. n d average i get is d highest tat i get in my whole secondary school life~ (70++, no more ngam ngam pass oledi!)

After tat, all keep going vry smoothly. i get every thing wat i wan to get. I get d SPM result i wan, i get into Matriculation n finally, i get into University of Malaya tat i keep giving myself preasure (i wan to be UM student!) but all going to d end after my 1st year 1st sem. after i get d anugerah from Matriculation n anugerah from 9th college. my life become like shit, lazy, like to join activity, juz like wat i was in secondary school.
Therefore, i'm telling myself. i wan to be d 1 when i was hardworking n cleverness.. (ahahaha!!!! sori, i shouldnt use cleverness)
"U have to have an aim"

by Elaine Oon Yen Nee

Tats good, my next aim will be KPMG KL. (hopefully i get it~ pls pls~~~)

This photo taken on d last day i working at KPMG Sandakan. 1st is Sit, Wai Chung, me n Zaidi. ( i not suitable to smile come out with teeth, look so... Arggghhh Oh jip shao ngm dou lo!!)

I think i'm not suitable to post a wordiness post. Its cost me 2 n half hours!