Just now i hv done a test on, n d result shows that i am an introverted person. Means i'm a passive guy and like to hide many things inside. can be described as weirdo~
(sori i'm tat kind of person)

i like to keep this kind of photo as my collection since my sleeping photo been taken by my friend long time ago when i was sleeping in class~ ahahaha

Normal sleeping mode

Shin Yi

(pls dun sleep in tutorial)

Ping Wei

(pls dun sleep in choir practice)

Chin Yui Chai

(pls dun sleep in lecture)

Open Mouth Version

Jia Qi

Cai Li

Lu Kean


Edward Thun

Kean leng
Almost all d photos are open mouth version, i think tis is d most popular pose tat ppl will do when they are falling in sleep...

Double Chin Version

Ying Choon

Su Yi

Double chin version is my Golden Collection, vry hard to get it man!

Dead Head Version

Kok Yoong


Guess who is her~ kekeke
(from these 3 photos, kok yoong is d most likely in death mode)

Ops! sori~ i forgot to turn off my flash...

Happy smile~
(this is not a sleeping picture, but her rarely big teeth make me feel...)
Sori to all my friends, coursemate, housemate, roomates, juniors n seniors... becoz now i juz posted it out~ i should do it earlier~ XXXDDDD